Oil System Flush

Oil system flush clears sludge

An annual oil system flush as part of you vehicle maintenance schedule at least once a year is recommended to remove and prevent sludge restricting the flow of oil in your engine.

As oil circulates through your engine doing its job of lubricating and reducing friction and wear is starts to break down from the heat and stress. It also collects and deposits sludge in your oil pan and in the nooks and crannies of your engine. This sludge damages your engine and blocks the arteries of your lubricating system including the flow-tubes and oil screens within your engine. An oil system flush removes all the oil in your engine, flushes out sludge and residue and helps clear restrictions and deposits in your engine.
Sludge reduces the lubricating capacity of oil in your engine and causes excess wear and tear potentially damaging your engine.
Sludge and carbon are a natural process occurring in all automotive engines, and by preforming yearly oil system flushes we ensure that we are being proactive in preventing future vehicle repairs and reducing engine repair costs.
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