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10 Things To Do If You get Stranded in Your Vehicle In The Winter

It’s time to deal with how to survive getting stranded in your vehicle in the winter.  In our “Get Ready for Winter” series of articles and tips we looked at how to get your vehicle ready for winter. In our last article we helped you prepare a winter emergency kit for your vehicle.
 Here are 10 things to do if you get stranded in your vehicle in the winter:
1. Make your car visible by turning on warning lights or lighting flares.
2. Stay calm and in your vehicle. Don’t go outside in the cold and risk getting lost. Use your car as safe shelter.
3. Don’t tire yourself out with intense exertion like shoveling. Retain your energy to cope with the cold. Cold can be deadly.
4. Open a window slightly in your car to let fresh air in. Preferably pick a window that is not directly facing the wind.
5. Keep you engine off as much as possible. Carbon monoxide is odorless and poisonous. Make sure your exhaust pipe is not blocked. Only start the engine for short periods of time in extreme conditions.
6. Turn on the ceiling light in your car to increase your visibility if necessary – using your hazard lights for too long will drain your battery
7. Move your hands, arms, legs and toes to maintain circulation
8. Keep your clothing dry – wet clothing consumes more energy and can result in a dangerous loss of body heat
9. Stay awake – sleeping in the cold can be deadly
10. Listen for anyone passing by like other cars or emergency vehicles


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