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Archive for August, 2015

Improving Your Vision with Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration is to your car what getting prescription glasses is to your vision.

Anyone who wears glasses can attest to the Ah Ha moment when you get your first pair of glasses and everything appears clear again. All those days and nights of struggle to see clearly are reversed the moment you put your glasses on and everything appears clear like it once was. No more squinting or straining to see clearly.


Well the same thing happens when your headlights deteriorate ...

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Why Do A Transmission Fluid Flush?

If you are changing your transmission fluid as per your vehicles service manual schedule without  a synthetic transmission flush you are following instructions but you  probably aren’t doing a complete and thorough job.

Simply draining existing transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid does provide an improvement to warn out  transmission fluid which is necessary but if you don’t do a thorough flush with a full flush with synthetic transmission fluid you aren’t cleaning away all of the old fluid ...
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