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Archive for November, 2019

Is Your Antifreeze Winter Read?

As winter approaches and temperatures are dropping make sure your vehicle is up for the challenge of freezing temperatures by checking your vehicle’s antifreeze.

Antifreeze plays a critical role in your engine in both cold and hot temperatures. It makes sure the fluids in your engine can stand up to very cold temperatures without freezing, while also preventing the engine from overheating. Precise Car Service recommends their clients have their antifreeze tested annually so if you haven’t done this in the last year now is a ...

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Are Seasonal/Winter Tires Worth the Investment?

At Precise Car Service we feel Seasonal aka Winter Tires are worth the Investment. In fact read on and we’ll show you how they can save you money.

On a snowy road, a vehicle with winter tires has a 38 per cent less chance of being involved in a collision than a vehicle with all-season tires. The fact that the winter tire’s stopping distance is 38 per cent shorter than an all-season tire under the same conditions.

Temperature, ice and snow all ...

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