The Cold Engine Starts Myth

Warming up your car is not necessary, so don’t be fooled

For years, starting our cars and letting them warm up before hitting the road on cold winter mornings has been a common practice. It’s something our parents did, and their parents before them, so naturally, we continue to do it. However, it’s important to know that warming up your car is not necessary and can actually be more harmful to your engine than you might think.

In the past, engines used carburetors with chokes, which required warming up before driving. However, modern cars utilize fuel injectors instead of carburetors. Fuel injectors deliver fuel to the engine in an even and accurate manner, unaffected by temperature. These electronic components remain efficient in all weather conditions, eliminating the need for warming up the engine.

Fuel injectors are designed to provide precise amounts of fuel through small valves, improving gas mileage and overall efficiency. However, dirt particles and residue can accumulate over time, affecting the performance of the fuel injectors. That’s why it’s important to maintain them by keeping them clean and periodically flushing the system.

At Precise Car Service, our fuel injection service includes:

  • Cleaning fuel injectors
  • Cleaning throttle body air intake
  • Inspecting fuel lines and fuel rail
  • Pressure testing fuel pump and system
  • Inspecting pressure regulator, vacuum line, and all connections
  • Decarbonizing intake manifold, intake and exhaust valves
  • Decarbonizing combustion chamber and pistons
  • Running an exhaust emissions test

If you notice any symptoms such as engine pinging, poor acceleration, hesitation or lurching, lack of performance, repeated stalling, rough idle, or poor fuel mileage, it’s best to bring your car to Precise Car Service for a fuel injection service.

Now, let’s debunk the myth and explore why warming up your car is unnecessary:

  1. It takes only 30 seconds for the oil to start circulating in your engine. After starting the car, put on your seat belt, shift into gear, and you’re ready to go.
  2. Your car actually heats up faster when you drive it rather than letting it idle.
  3. Idling can be harmful to your vehicle’s engine performance and reduces fuel efficiency, costing you money in wasted fuel.
  4. Unnecessary idling contributes to environmental pollution. Car exhaust contains carbon monoxide, which is hazardous to both the environment and our health.

By dispelling this myth, you can:

  • Save money by maintaining your fuel injectors regularly, resulting in better performance and improved gas mileage.
  • Visit Precise Car Service for fuel injector services, engine tune-ups, and all your car service needs. We are proud to celebrate our 35th year in business, and our experienced team is dedicated to keeping your vehicle running efficiently. We treat our customers like family, providing exceptional service and expertise.

Choose Precise Car Service for reliable maintenance and quality car care. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your vehicle performs optimally while saving you money and protecting the environment. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Come into Precise Car Service for your fuel injector service, engine tune ups and all your car service needs.  We are celebrating our  39th year in business this year. Precise has the experience and know how to  keep your vehicle running well and efficiently. Our objective is to provide great service and take care of our customers like they were family.