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Distracted Driving


Precise Car Service wants to keep our customers safe and we recommend you watch these videos on Distracted Driving.  AAA has assembled a compilation of teen driver vehicle crashes caused by driver distraction.

In Canada the OPP have reported that distracted driving is the number one killer on the roads, killing more people in motor vehicle accidents than impaired driving and speed related fatalities.  People who text while driving are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near crash than non-distracted driving (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute 2010). The magnitude of accidents caused by distracted driving is staggering. It is estimated that approximately 4 million vehicular crashes in North America are caused by distracted drivers each year.

KDDTexting and mobile phone calls always come to mind when we think of distracted driving but there are other causes as well. Children in the car are 4 times more distracting than adults.  Infants are even more of a distraction. It is estimated that infants in a car are 8 times the distraction of an adult in the vehicle.

Eating and drinking is also a distraction and a cause of accidents.  Our busy lives and new features such as cup holders in vehicles have developed new habits. Watch people as you drive and take notice of what they are doing in addition to driving.  The majority of people are drinking, eating and even grooming while driving.  Smoking has always been a distraction even though smokers don’t think of it that way but anything that takes your eyes off the road for a split second, requires coordination or occupies one of your hands is a distraction and reduces your response time and ability to respond to road conditions and driving situations.

We may try to do our best to avoid texting but we also need to be aware of the dangers of more established practices like smoking, drinking and eating while driving. They are all distractions and all increase the odds of resulting in a car crash, many of which fatal. Distracted driving is now the highest cause of driving fatalities on the road today. We recommend to all our customers that you watch the video, consider the enormous risk and share this article with friends and family to make their driving safer.

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