Everyone Needs a Winter Emergency Kit

Be Prepared for Any Situation

As winter arrives earlier and lasts longer each year, it becomes crucial for every vehicle owner to have a Winter Emergency Kit on hand. Living in Southern Ontario, where heavy snowstorms are frequent around the Great Lakes, it’s essential to be prepared for challenging driving conditions and unexpected emergencies.

In our previous article, we discussed the mechanical preparations needed for winter. Equally important is having a Winter Emergency Kit, and we highly recommend all our customers to print the following list and ensure their kit is prepared and stored in their vehicle throughout the winter season.

Here are the essential items for your Winter Emergency Kit:

  1. Food: Pack non-perishable items like energy bars, dried fruit, and nuts to sustain you in case of an emergency.

  1. Water: Carry bottled water in plastic containers that won’t break if frozen. Remember to replace the bottles every six months.

  1. Blanket: Keep a thick, warm blanket in your kit to provide comfort and protection from the cold if you become stranded.

  1. Extra clothing: Prepare by including an extra warm jacket, sweaters, gloves, hat, and snow boots. Emergencies can happen at any time, and being dressed appropriately is crucial.

  1. First aid kit: Include a well-equipped first aid kit with essential supplies, along with an escape tool and seat belt cutter.

  1. Candle and matches: Pack a candle in a deep, water-resistant container, such as a coffee can, along with waterproof matches.

  1. Flashlight: Opt for a reliable, wind-up flashlight that doesn’t require batteries. These are inexpensive and dependable sources of light during emergencies.

  1. Whistle: A whistle can help attract attention in dark or whiteout conditions, enabling others to locate you.

  1. Roadmaps: Keep updated roadmaps in your kit to aid navigation if GPS or other electronic devices fail.

  1. Emergency plan: Include a written emergency plan with important contacts and phone numbers for quick reference.

  1. Salt, sand, or non-clumping cat litter: These items provide traction if your vehicle becomes stuck in snow or ice.

  1. Antifreeze and windshield washer fluid: Carry extra supplies of antifreeze and windshield washer fluid to ensure your vehicle remains operational in cold conditions.

  1. Tow rope: A tow rope can prove invaluable if you need assistance or encounter a vehicle in distress.

  1. Jumper cables: Have a set of jumper cables on hand to jump-start your vehicle or help someone else in need.

  1. Fire extinguisher: Include a fire extinguisher suitable for automotive use in case of a small fire emergency.

  1. Warning light or road flares: Enhance your visibility during roadside emergencies with warning lights or road flares.

While the list may seem extensive, these items are indispensable if you find yourself stranded or in a winter emergency. Precise Car Care is here to help you prepare your vehicle for winter. Schedule an appointment, and our team will thoroughly check your vehicle to ensure it’s ready to tackle another winter in Southern Ontario, keeping you safe on the road.

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