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Improving Your Vision with Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration is to your car what getting prescription glasses is to your vision.

Anyone who wears glasses can attest to the Ah Ha moment when you get your first pair of glasses and everything appears clear again. All those days and nights of struggle to see clearly are reversed the moment you put your glasses on and everything appears clear like it once was. No more squinting or straining to see clearly.


Well the same thing happens when your headlights deteriorate over time. The lenses of your headlights get foggy, sometimes they discolour and yellow and the beams of light they transmit start to diffract and not reach as far, they are unfocussed and you can’t see as far down the road or in bad conditions they become ineffective. When you look at your headlights you immediately see why this is happening. The grit and elements they are bombarded everyday take their toll grinding and pitting the lenses of your headlights. The coatings the manufacturer puts on them eventually get warn through and then the dirt fills the pits and the light can’t pass through the lens. They become less bright and unfocussed and you just can’t see the road or distance or the sides of the road like you used to. It is obvious this is dangerous.

The solution is to have your headlights restored. This is a process of removing the impurities and abrasions on your light lenses through sanding then filling and recoating the lenses with special sealers that restore your lights to new or like new condition. Restoring their performance and ability to transmit strong focused light ahead of you. The before and after of this process are very noticeable and all customers who have had this service done have had rave reviews as to how much it improved their vision when driving.

When we think headlights we mainly think about night driving but remember that lights are critical to safety when driving in fog and snow. I am sure you have noticed how days are becoming shorter and sunset earlier every night. This means more driving in the dark. It is also this time of year we start to experience fog and eventually snow. Fall is the perfect time to have this service done to your car. With a pre-arranged appointment Precise can complete this process within a day or overnight. Headlight restoration us very affordable and worth every penny.

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