Is Your Antifreeze Winter Ready?

As winter approaches and temperatures are dropping make sure your vehicle is up for the challenge of freezing temperatures by checking your vehicle’s antifreeze.

Antifreeze plays a critical role in your engine in both cold and hot temperatures. It makes sure the fluids in your engine can stand up to very cold temperatures without freezing, while also preventing the engine from overheating. Precise Car Service recommends their clients have their antifreeze tested annually so if you haven’t done this in the last year now is a critical time to come in and have it tested to make sure it is “winter ready” to withstand frigid winter temperatures of -40C.

Decades of research have lead to antifreeze/coolant that resists low temperatures while also fighting corrosion and wear inside the cooling system itself. It’s not a ‘set it and forget it’ situation however – antifreeze needs to be periodically inspected, and replaced, as the grind of daily driving takes its toll on the additives that keep your motor running smoothly. This is especially true during the winter months, when your engine is most vulnerable to the cold.

Antifreeze, aka coolant, is mixed with equal parts of water in the engine to form radiator fluid. If the ratio is off, even slightly, it can leave your vehicle at risk for serious problems this fall and winter!

Too little antifreeze means the fluids in your vehicle’s engine could freeze as the temperature cools. Too much water, and the radiator fluid could boil inside the engine.

If the level of fluid gets too low, it can no longer remove heat from the engine. When your engine overheats, it can cause extensive damage to your vehicle and expensive repairs to get you back on the road.

Instead of dealing with a frozen engine block or an overheating vehicle, stop by our shop and have your cooling system tested and checked before the winter temperatures drop and your engine freezes. Joe, Gary and our team of licensed technicians will make sure the ratio of antifreeze to water is correct for your vehicle. We’ll also test the antifreeze to make sure it is in good condition and able to withstand extremes of both winter temperatures and summers sweltering heat. We will also look for warning signs for leaks in the cooling system, so you can take care of them before they cause a problem.

Old antifreeze can also become corrosive to your engine as it ages so it is important to have your cooling system flushed and filled with new antifreeze to avoid damage to your engine. If you haven’t had an inspection in the last year to year and a half now is the time to take care of this.   Frigid Southern Ontario temperatures bring new challenges for your vehicle and aging antifreeze can damage your engine. Before winter hits, and before your antifreeze becomes corrosive schedule a winter ready inspection at Precise Car Service. Book Now