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It’s Winter Snow Tire Time

Its that time of year again – Winter Snow Tire Time. This is the time of year that we all should be installing our winter tires.

If you have indicated that you install winter snow tires on your vehicle on your insurance the required date to have your winter tires installed is December 1st.  Most if not all insurance companies offer discounts if you have winter tires on your vehicle but there are many more reasons to make winter tires a seasonal ritual.

If you are undecided on whether winter snow tires are worth it or not; take a look at this previous post “Are Winter Tires Worth The Investment“. In it we look at the difference in performance between summer and winter tires; how different tires react to different road conditions and the cost/savings of using all season tires in the warmer dryer months and winter tires in the colder, snowy and icy months.

The bottom line to everything we do at Precise Car Service is safety.  The milder winters we have enjoyed over the last couple of years are not typical.  We should count on cold icy and snowy conditions every year in our area.

In our family installing snow tires in the fall and winter are standard practice. I  recommend you make them standard in your family as well. Precise Car Service not only sells, installs and balances winter tires we store tires should you need a place to keep them in the off season.


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