Make Lower Gas Prices Last

Tune Up Gas Savings

My prediction – current low gas prices aren’t going to last forever. Here’s how to keep some of todays savings in your pocket even with rising prices at the pump.

One of the most substantial savings every family in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Burlington and Grimsby has enjoyed in 2024 is savings on their monthly vehicle fuel bill because of lower gas prices.

We all know that this savings won’t last and we all expect prices to rise again. I’m going out on a limb here but I am pretty confident to predict that prices will rise again. I’m not excited by the fact that I won’t have this extra money each month but I am willing to try to extend this savings as long as possible.

One strategy we can all adopt is to ensure that our vehicle is running as efficiently as possible. Keeping your vehicle running well is as simple as getting it tuned up and paying attention to some easy maintenance items.

First the tune-up; It is spring and it used to be a tradition that we have our vehicle tuned-up each spring. New vehicle and engine technology requires less frequent tune-ups and because of this we have a tendency to miss tune-ups.

The seasonal indicators and maintenance traditions we used to live by get lost. Do you remember the last time you had your vehicle tuned-up?

Tuning up your vehicle keeps your engine running at its optimum efficiency and with this you burn less fuel. Tune-ups go beyond spark plugs, oil changes and fuel injectors. Your should also have your belts checked for wear, ensure that your tires are properly inflated, have all engine and cabin air filters checked and remove and extra weight you may be carrying from the winter like tools, sand, etc. All of these factors contribute to your vehicles efficiency or inefficiency.

According to the Department of energy an engine tune up can reduce your fuel consumption by 4% and much more if your vehicle is severely not maintained. So think about it; if 4% doesn’t sound like a lot of money when you apply it to your monthly fuel bull it definitely ads up. So take your monthly fuel bill, calculate 4% then go out and spend your found money!

At Precise Car Service we provide a free 30 inspection with every visit to ensure your vehicle is tuned and safe and to identify wear and tear issues early before they become a problem. So come visit us and let us help you keep an extra 4% in gas savings in your pocket each month.