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Oil Stabilizer Anti Aging Your Engine

Adding an oil stabilizer to your oil maximizes the efficiency and the life of your engine.

Over 20 years ago while attending a trade show I was drawn into a booth for a demonstration on oil additives. I have to say I was a skeptic no actually a non believer. My eyes glazed over as I politely watched the demonstration. We compared the wear and tear of two parts working together in 2 scenarios one with straight motor oil and the other with motor oil and Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. In the situation without the additive the oil quickly broke down generating heat and eventually the part broke down and failed. In the situation where a combination of motor oil and the oil stabilizer was used the oil remained viscose, continued to perform and there was no wear and tear and the part did not fail. The oil spread more evenly and continued to lubricate reducing friction and minimizing heat build up.  This simple demonstration changed my mind and ever since we have recommended adding oil stabilizer to all our customers.

An oil stabilizer works in new, and also worn engines to reduce wear and keep them running as close to their current condition as possible. It effectively eliminates or greatly slows engine wear and aging.

Here are some key points on Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer:

Reduces friction and increases compression for faster starts and higher fuel mileage – Extends oil life up to 50% longer

Eliminated dry starts and resists thermal breakdown for total protection in new engines.

Stop smoking knocking and oil consumption in warn engines

A raise oil pressure and adds lubricity for more MPG

Use it in any gearbox to stop wear leaks, heat and noise and hard shifting

Will not void new car warranties

Blends with petroleum and synthetic oils

Lucas oil stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product formulated to stop wear by reducing friction and heat in all types of engines and gearboxes

Oil treat with Lucas does not run off cylinders after shutdown.

Net – Net – Adding the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer with every oil change eliminates dry starts the number 1 cause of wear in an otherwise well maintained engine.

Protects the engine – better lubrication

Easier cold starts

Prolongs the life of your engine

For preventative maintenance and to maximize the life of your engine we use Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. Lucas Heavy-Duty Oil Stabilizer virtually eliminates dry starts and wear. It extends oil life and lowers oil temperature in any engine, gasoline or diesel. It raises oil pressure and reduces smoking, leaking, knocking and blow-by in worn engines. It also helps to control noise, overheating, leaks and wear in gear boxes.

After 30 years in the business I wish they would come out with an anti aging additive for humans. Wouldn’t it be great to stop aging, leaks and overheating with a simple additive? The fountain of youth still eludes mankind but Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer has figured it out for your car.

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