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Precise Car Service Celebrates 30 Years

On June 3rd,  2015 Precise Car Services Celebrated 30 years in business.  While a lot of things have changed in the 30 years many things have stayed the same.  When the Precise Car Service opened on June 1st, 1985 it was a 2 bay service facility and through the years as business grew the shop expanded to a 5 bay service shop.
Precise Celebrate 30 year
Precise Car Service – Our first winter circa 1985.
Four things that have definitely stayed the same are the location – 885 Highway #8 is still our location and although there have been physical changes it has served us well and gave us room to grow.  The second thing that has stayed the same is the ownership and management. Joe Giglioti started Precise 30 years ago and is still there everyday taking care of customers and providing professional vehicle maintenance and great customer service. Precise has provided consistent high quality service with staff that have been there from the beginning and grown with us. Gary Bernard was one of our first employees and we are happy to say that we are celebrating 30 years together. The fourth thing that stays the same is our customers. Some have been with us from the beginning others have joined us through this 30 year journey and continue to depend on our honest diagnosis and recommendations.
Over the years our customer have become our friends growing with us and sharing their family and life experiences along the way.  One new talent Joe developed was his expertise as a Barista.  This may be big shoes to fill in Stoney Creek and Hamilton but anyone who has had one of Joe’s Cappuccino’s or Espresso’s will attest they are great.

C-30th Flag_final_Flat_pathWe invite all of our customers and friends to drop by and celebrate this milestone with us over one of Joe’s hand crafted coffees on the house.

Thank you to our customers who have now become our friends.  Come celebrate with us.

Joe and Nadia Giglioti

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