Precise Car Service Celebrates 39 Years

Since June 1st, 1985, Precise Car Service has been a trusted name in professional vehicle maintenance and exceptional customer service. As we celebrate nearly 40 years in business, we reflect on the journey that has brought us here and the values that have remained constant throughout the years.

Location: Our roots are firmly planted at 885 Highway #8, where our service facility has grown alongside our loyal customer base. While the physical space has expanded to a 5-bay service shop, we have always been proud to call this location our home.

Ownership and Management: From day one, Joe Giglioti has been the driving force behind Precise Car Service. As the owner and manager, Joe’s commitment to providing top-notch service and building long-lasting relationships has been unwavering. His expertise and dedication have been instrumental in our success.

Experienced Staff: We take pride in our team of skilled technicians who have been with us from the beginning and have grown with the company. Gary Bernard, one of our first employees, has been an integral part of Precise Car Service for 30 years. Their knowledge, expertise, and passion for cars ensure that every vehicle receives the highest level of care.

Loyal Customers: We are incredibly grateful to our loyal customers who have been with us throughout our 35+ year journey. Their trust and support have allowed us to thrive and continually improve our services. Whether they joined us at the beginning or recently became part of our Precise family, we value each and every customer who depends on our honest diagnosis and recommendations.

Building Relationships: At Precise Car Service, we don’t just see our customers as transactions – they are our friends and part of our extended family. We have shared in their life experiences, from the joyous moments to the challenges, and have grown together over the years. And if you haven’t experienced it yet, you’re in for a treat – Joe’s talent as a Barista means that you can enjoy a delicious cappuccino or espresso while we take care of your vehicle.

Looking to the Future: As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to delivering the same level of excellence that has defined us for over 35 years. We embrace new technologies and industry advancements to ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality service to our valued customers.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to serving you for many years to come, providing professional vehicle maintenance, exceptional customer service, and, of course, a great cup of coffee. Trust Precise Car Service – where experience and quality meet.

We invite all of our customers and friends to drop by and celebrate this milestone with us over one of Joe’s hand crafted coffees on the house.

Thank you to our customers who have now become our friends.  Come celebrate with us.

Joe and Nadia Giglioti