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Spring Tune Up

The snow is gone the temperature is consistently in the double digits (Celsius). I changed from my snow tires to my all season summer tires this week. We are all thinking spring is here to stay which means its time for a spring tune up. As we start to spring clean our indoor environment and outdoors lives, now is also the time to be thinking about your vehicles spring tune up.

We just went through a cold, snowy, salty, grimy winter. Your vehicle has served you well but is also worn by the weather. Now is the time to prepare your vehicle for the coming season of happy driving and many kilometers ahead of us. A tune up is exactly what your car needs and what you should do for safety and peace of mind.

A lot of people don’t think of a vehicle’s spring tune up starting on the outside of the vehicle. But it should. Our vehicle exterior spring tune up begins with examining your windshield wipers, lights, and all exterior surfaces of the vehicle. Wipers often wear out over the winter with the road grit, ice and snow not to mention the salt that is on everything.

It is time to start thinking about changing over from your winter tires to your all season tires. Think about scheduling an appointment now to have your tires changed over. We may not want to do this immediately because there is no guarantee that there won’t be another round of snow but before service shops get too booked up and busy it is a good idea to give Precise Car Service a call and schedule your seasonal tire change. 

While your vehicle is in the shop it is also a good time to have your brakes, belts and fluids checked or changed. Brakes are constantly wearing so for safety reasons when-ever you have the wheels off the vehicle it is important to have the brakes checked. It only takes a minute and the mechanic will be able to give you an idea of how much life wear and how much is left on your brake pads and rotors.

While in the shop you should also have our mechanic check your belts and fluids. A hot long summer and many miles and road trips lie in the coming months. It is easy to check the belts with a visual inspection and test fluids. Hot summer weather and stop and go driving are tough on your engine and the only protection your engine has is the quality of the fluids that lubricate the metal that is constantly working with other metal in your engine, transmission, steering system etc. The cleaner and fresher these fluids the less wear and tear on your engine. Check the mileage since your last oil change and see if it is time to change the oil. It is inexpensive and save so much in the long run.

Your radiator and cooling system is another important system for your vehicle. It equalizes the temperature in your engine. Your cooling system pumps coolant through your engine and picks up heat that is dissipated by the air flowing through your radiator. Antifreeze/coolant endures a lot of stress and as the name suggests it is integral for the cooling and also heating of your system. It is design to ensure that your coolant does not freeze in winter and specially formulated to endure the extreme high temperatures through the summer. It is important that the coolant is capable of taking the stresses of the summer. Another key component of the cooling system are the hoses. The hoses connect the channels in the metals parts of your system to other systems like the radiator, and back into the engine. These too are under great stress. As hoses wear they can start to crack and eventually will spring a leak and the last thing you want to have is a steam bath on the side of the road. Hoses are easy and much less expensive to replace while in the shop before they fail verses when they break down on the side of the road requiring a town truck or service call.

The good news is included free of charge with every service at Precise Car Service is a thorough 30 point check up. The 30 point check up is done every service visit but is especially useful in the spring and fall as driving conditions change and the season ahead presents its own driving challenges.

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