Spring Tune Up

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring: Schedule a Spring Tune-Up at Precise Car Service

As the snow melts and the temperature rises consistently into double digits (Celsius), it’s time to bid farewell to winter and welcome the arrival of spring. I recently switched from my snow tires to all-season summer tires, signaling the changing seasons. With spring in full swing, it’s crucial to consider a spring tune-up for your vehicle.

After enduring a cold, snowy, and salty winter, your vehicle has worked hard for you. However, it has also been exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Now is the perfect time to prepare your vehicle for a season of smooth and enjoyable driving, with many kilometers ahead of us. A spring tune-up is not only essential for safety but also provides peace of mind.

While most people associate a vehicle tune-up with its internal components, it’s important to start the process by addressing the exterior. Our vehicle exterior spring tune-up begins with a thorough examination of your windshield wipers, lights, and all exterior surfaces. Winter takes a toll on wipers, causing wear and tear due to road grit, ice, snow, and salt accumulation.

It’s also time to consider switching from winter tires to all-season tires. While it’s understandable to wait for the snow to completely disappear, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment now for your seasonal tire change. This way, you can secure a convenient time slot before service shops become inundated with requests. Contact Precise Car Service to book your tire change today.

While your vehicle is at our shop, it’s an opportune moment to have your brakes, belts, and fluids checked or replaced. Brakes naturally wear down over time, so it’s crucial to have them checked regularly for safety purposes. When the wheels are off the vehicle, a quick inspection can provide valuable insights into the life and wear of your brake pads and rotors.

Additionally, our skilled mechanics can examine your belts and fluids. With a visual inspection and fluid tests, we can ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle during the hot summer months and upcoming road trips. Summer weather and stop-and-go driving can be demanding on your engine, making quality fluids vital for reducing wear and tear. Consider checking the mileage since your last oil change and determine if it’s time for an oil change. This affordable service can save you significant expenses in the long run.

The radiator and cooling system of your vehicle also deserve attention. They play a crucial role in regulating engine temperature. The cooling system circulates coolant throughout the engine, absorbing heat that is then dissipated by the radiator. Antifreeze/coolant withstands a great deal of stress, protecting your engine from freezing during winter and enduring high temperatures during summer. Ensuring that your coolant is capable of handling the summer stresses is essential. Equally important are the hoses that connect various components of the cooling system. Over time, hoses can wear and develop cracks, posing a risk of leaks. By replacing worn hoses in our shop, you can avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown on the side of the road.

At Precise Car Service, we provide a comprehensive 30-point check-up with every service visit, free of charge. This thorough inspection is performed during each visit and becomes particularly valuable during the spring and fall, as driving conditions change and present their own unique challenges.

Prepare your vehicle for a smooth and safe spring season. Schedule a spring tune-up at Precise Car Service today. Our experienced team is ready to provide top-notch service, ensuring your vehicle is in prime condition for the road ahead.

Experience worry-free driving this spring. We look forward to serving you soon!