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Summer Driving Safety Tips

We all have road-trips and vacations planned this summer and it is always good to remind yourself with tips to safe summer driving. We agree with the Canada Safety Counsel that the first tip for safe summer driving is to “Prepare Your Vehicle”.
Nothing can ruin a summer road trip like a breakdown or worse a failure that puts you and your families safety at risk. Chances are your vehicle is in fine working order but there is a chance you have a problem or might have a problem developing that should be taken care of.  It may be a simple inspection of a worn belt or hose that should be replaced. Preventative maintenance is much cheaper than repairs after a failure. Replacing fluids can extend the life of your vehicle and inexpensive to change.
Summer drives in the country, driving to the cottage or going on a camping weekend all things we as Canadian enjoy.  Canadian are lucky and famous for our road trips and given our location we are blessed with wine tours in Niagara or a spontaneous trip to the falls within easy reach.  Trips south to Lake Erie or summer festivals in Southern Ontario are all reasons to jump in the car and go.  Make sure your vehicle is ready when you are and enjoy the scenery with worry free driving.
Enjoy your summer and come and see us soon.
Happy Motoring Precise Customers.


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