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Top 10 Car Service Resolutions for 2020

Have you made your car service resolution for 2020? We think long and hard about New Year Resolutions. We formulate them with good intentions. We know they are the right thing to do to change our life for the better. So this year make and keep these 10 Car Service Resolutions :
1. Schedule Regular Vehicle Maintenance
• Have your car checked twice a year by a licensed mechanic to identify problems early and avoid large problems in the future

2. Check your fluids monthly
• Maintaining your fluid levels to minimize wear and tear and avoid serious problems. Fluids are easily checked and we recommend you schedule a day a month (for example the first of each month) to do this. Don’t forget about washer fluid as well as your brake and transmission fluids.

3. Change your oil and other fluids based on your driving and as recommended by your owners manual
• Most people think of oil changes which should be done according to your owner’s manual. But many people neglect other fluids such as transmission fluid, antifreeze and brake fluid. Fluids can break down reducing lubrication, increasing abrasiveness and sometimes becoming corrosive. Fluids are inexpensive to maintain. Regular attention and maintenance can save you a lot of money and avoid costly repairs.

4. Check your tire pressure regularly
•Tire pressure can fluctuate due to air leakage and also temperature change. With our 4 seasons and changing road conditions throughout the year most tire pressures fluctuate. Maintaining proper tire pressure reduces wear and tear and also saves you money on fuel. A properly inflated tire delivers better gas mileage.
5. Keep your car clean – inside and out
• Having a clean car not only looks good for a short time but also over the long run. Dirt and grit on your vehicle is like sandpaper to your paint and components. Road chemicals like salt eat away at all areas for your vehicle. Likewise dirt and debris in your car shorten the life of your seats and carpets.
6. Don’t eat in your car
• It is almost a given that people drive with drinks in their hands, eat burgers and donuts while driving but it is bad for you and your car. Juggling something in your hand while driving and spilling hot coffee or ketchup on you and your seats has its disadvantages.
7. No Distracted Driving
• Make the commitment to yourself and public safety to not text or use the phone when driving. Not only is it dangerous it is also against the law and it can kill you. Just don’t do it!
8. Check and maintain your brakes
• We’ve said it before and we will say it again your brakes are your cars most important system. Have a licensed mechanic check them regularly; like when you have your oil changed. Early signs of wear and tear provide a roadmap to avoid future problems. Properly maintaining your brake pads can avoid major maintenance in the future. An inspection is free and it will save you money and help keep you safe.
9. Remove excess weight
• People often carry extra weight in their vehicles. Things such as books, tools, sports equipment etc. all add weight which increases your gas consumption. Carrying extra items in your car that rattle around can mask a noise and hinder early detection of a problem. Take the time to empty your car of the unneeded items.
10. Don’t ignore problems
• Minor problems become big problems when not looked after. It’s a chain reaction if you don’t do something about it when you detect or suspect it.
So make and keep the resolution to take care of your vehicle this year . We at Precise Car Service are here to help you and take care of your vehicle maintenance and repairs. We’ve been serving our customers for almost 30 years.
Happy New Year everyone and all the best in 2020.
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