Tune Up

Tune Up

Protect Your Investment with Regular Tune Ups

One easy way to prolong the value of your investment is to extend the life of your vehicle with regular car tune ups. It’s more expensive not to maintain your vehicle properly, because breakdowns usually result in big repair bills. To save money over time, prevent trouble before it happens with regular car tune ups.
Sometimes it’s the simplest parts of a car tune up that make the biggest difference. Checking your filters will reduce engine wear and can improve fuel economy. Worn spark plugs can also affect fuel economy and negatively impact performance. These are just two examples of how regular car tune ups can ensure that you get the most from your automotive investment and spend less on fuel and parts.

Car Tune Ups: 3 Easy Steps

There’s no secret to automobile reliability. Keep gas in your tank, the right air pressure in your tires, come in for a regular car tune up and you’ll get where you’re going, every time. The three steps of a Precise Car Service car tune up are as follows:
  • Checking that wiring is in good shape and that there are no loose connections
  • Checking air and oil filters to help prevent overheating, stalling, and unnecessary engine wear
  • Checking spark plugs for excessive wear and proper gapping
Prevent car trouble and extend the life of your vehicle—contact us at Precise Car Service to set up an affordable car tune up by our licensed technicians today.

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