Understanding Your Vehicle Suspension System

Your vehicles suspension is one of the most important vehicle systems both from a comfort, control and safety perspective. It is your suspension system that makes your ride comfortable, allows you to steer your car and minimizes damage to the rest of your vehicle by absorbing the bumps in the road you drive over tens of thousands of times a day.  Do you remember the soap box car or go cart you built as a kid and how rough the ride was?  Without your vehicles suspension your ride would be just as rough. Vehicle suspension is something we take for granted but it is something you should have checked regularly for wear and tear or problems.  To see the components of your vehicle suspension system check out this video on our Car Maintenance pageWarning signs that your vehicle suspension system has a problem:

  • Leaking shocks
  • Bouncing and swaying when you drive over a bump
  • Vehicle bottoming out
  • Front end nose dives when you apply the brakes
  • Excessive swaying when you experience a cross wind or pass an 18-wheeler
  • Difficulty steering
  • Vehicle puling to one side when driving or braking

It is recommended that you have your suspension system checked every 20,000 kilometers.  We recommend and include a free check every time you have your oil changed. Precise is committed to our customers safe driving and preventative maintenance.  We recommend that pay attention to your suspension system, watch for warning signs of problems and come to Precise if you have any questions or concerns.

Safe driving.