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Whats a good car for a teenager?

If you are looking for a car for your teenager it is recommended that you look for something safe, reliable and fuel efficient.

Everyone would agree with these three features but what does that mean and why?

Look for a mid size sedan. Sedans are larger and more stable than smaller cars and also offer good driving visibility. Some people think that bigger is better and think full size car or SUV. Drivers with less experience will appreciate the maneuverability of a mid size sedan when driving and getting out of in tight spaces like shopping parking lots and traffic and also parking the vehicle. Sedans are also preferred for their better gas mileage and one sometimes-overlooked design feature is the fact that they don’t carry large loads of people like some SUV’s. The last think any parent wants is to have their teen load up a vehicle with friends and head out. Distractions from large excited groups of people are dangerous.

Another consideration is engine size. Four cylinder engines are preferred. They have the pick up necessary to merge onto highways safely and limit the temptation to speed that a six or eight cylinder engine might offer. Four cylinder engine are also much more economical on gas consumption and less expensive to service and operate as a whole.

Look for up to date features that at to safe driving like antilock brakes and vehicle stability control. Both these features are very valuable and make driving safer everyday as well as in unexpected situations and are well worth shopping for and considering being required features on your teen’s vehicle.

When buying a car look for cars that are original. Avoid vehicles with modifications as most modifications alter the original design and integrity of the vehicle. After all we buy cars from large manufacturers because they engineer their vehicles for safety and reliability. Modifications were never taken into consideration on the original vehicle and therefore alter to original engineering we all trust and pay for.

There are many quality cars available for teens. According to Consumer Reports and Some models to consider are the Honda Accord and Civic, Mazda 3 and 6, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Jetta, Ford Focus and Fusion, Buick Regal, Chevy Malibu and Cruze, Acura TSX, Nissan Altima and Sentra, Hyundai Elantra and Sonata, Kia Forte and Optima to name a few.

These suggestions are also good for all drivers to consider when buying their next vehicle but a first vehicle for a teen is a special decision and one that is easy to make when you know what to look for. There are a lot of options out there and most of the vehicles made today are well built and offer many years of good driving when properly maintained. That’s where Precise Auto Service comes in. We are hear to take care of the mechanics of your vehicle to keep you motoring and enjoying every kilometre.

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