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Why Do A Transmission Fluid Flush?

If you are changing your transmission fluid as per your vehicles service manual schedule without  a synthetic transmission flush you are following instructions but you  probably aren’t doing a complete and thorough job.

Simply draining existing transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid does provide an improvement to warn out  transmission fluid which is necessary but if you don’t do a thorough flush with a full flush with synthetic transmission fluid you aren’t cleaning away all of the old fluid and the dirt and grit in your transmission. These left behind particles remain in the system and contaminate the new transmission fluid. This contamination reduces the lubrication and protection of the new fluid which results in premature wear and tear of the moving parts in your transmission.
What is involved in a transmission flush?
A transmission flush is a 4 step process:
  • Inject cleaning agents into the transmission to flush all impurities and particles
  • Drain – cleaning agents from transmission
  • Vacuum all fluids form the transmission
  • Refill with BG Universal Synthetic ATF
What are the benefits of a transmission flush?
The benefits of a transmission flush are many:
  • Cleans all grit and abrasive
  • Reduces clutch wear
  • Prevent transmission seals from drying
  • Smoother shifting
  • Prolongs the life of the transmission
  • Extends life of transmission
We use and recommend BG Transmission Service with BG Universal Synthetic ATF because of its warranty and the great results we have had with it. At Precise Car Service we use it in all our passenger vehicle and commercial automatic transmissions. It provides anti wear protection for gears and provides superior thermal and oxidation stability, foam resistance and corrosion control. One important feature for our Canadian winters is that BG Universal Synthetic ATF performs at exceptionally low temperatures providing excellent protection in cold weather.
Using BG also includes a Lifetime BG Proctection Plan if the initial service is performed within the vehicles first 120,000 kms and maintenance is maintained with BG service ever 50,000 kms. The Lifetime Protection Plan covers  up to $2,000 in transmission service repairs fully paid for by the BG Protection Plan.
So when it comes to servicing one of the most stressed components of your vehicle we recommend you follow you manufacturers maintenance schedule and go one step further and have a full syntheic transmission fluid flush whenever you service the fluid in your transmission. Click here for more information on transmission fluid flushes and service.
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