Winter Driving – Be Safe

With winter approaching and snow already falling in some areas, it’s crucial to prioritize winter driving preparedness to ensure your safety on the roads. The Ontario government, along with road safety partners, is offering valuable winter safety tips to drivers. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Prepare:

Before winter arrives, schedule a maintenance check-up for your vehicle at Precise Car Service. Our experts can ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition for winter driving.

Always keep a survival kit in your vehicle, including essentials such as blankets, a flashlight, extra warm clothing, non-perishable food, and water.

  1. Consider Winter Tires:

Installing four winter tires provides better traction, braking, and handling on snowy and icy roads. It is highly recommended for safer winter driving. Learn more about potential insurance discounts for using winter tires.

  1. Plan:

Plan your routes ahead of time to avoid unexpected road closures or delays.

Stay updated on local weather forecasts and road conditions by calling 511 or following @511Ontario on Twitter.

If the weather is severe, consider delaying your trip until conditions improve.

  1. Play it Safe:

Adjust your driving habits to suit the current road and weather conditions.

Reduce your speed and maintain control of your vehicle at all times.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, particularly snowplows clearing the roads.

The Ontario government is committed to maintaining the safety of the province’s roads. This year, road-clearing efforts have been improved, including the addition of new maintenance equipment and increased use of anti-icing liquids. To provide more information, a Track My Plough pilot program has been launched in the areas of Simcoe and Owen Sound, with plans for expansion.

Remember these quick facts:

– Prepare your vehicle for winter by checking the battery, brakes, tires, wipers, engine, and lights. Sub-zero temperatures can be harsh on your vehicle.

– Over 1,000 snowplows and salt/sand spreaders are deployed to combat winter storms on provincial highways.

– Ploughing operations commence as soon as two centimetres of snow accumulate on the pavement.

Chief Superintendent Chuck Cox, Commander of OPP Highway Safety Division, emphasises the importance of road safety during winter driving: “Adjust your driving to winter conditions – slow down, maintain distance from other vehicles, and allow extra time to reach your destination. Stay prepared for changing road and weather conditions.”

At Precise Car Service, we believe that winter driving safety starts with being prepared. The first step is ensuring your vehicle is mechanically ready for winter. Contact us or visit our location to book your winter vehicle maintenance check-up and appointment. Drive safely, and remember to be prepared for any winter driving challenges that may arise.