Winter Driving Vehicle Checklist

This Winter Vehicle Driving Checklist is designed to help you get you vehicle ready for Winter in Southern Ontario. One thing that is guaranteed in Southern Ontario is winter will be cold, wet and slippery and driving is always stressful and treacherous.  An improperly prepared vehicle will add to that stress and will make driving more dangerous.
The Car Care Council reports that 70% of drivers do not properly prepare their vehicle for winter. At Precise Car Service we care about our customers and want their vehicle to be in top winter driving shape to keep them safe. Here are 10 things to check or have checked to ensure your vehicle is ready for winter.
We recommend that everyone watch this video and follow the steps to ensure their vehicle is ready for winter:



Winter Driving Vehicle Checklist
This video was provided by the Car Care Council
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Winter Driving Vehicle Checklist:

  1. Check you antifreeze and cooling system. Make sure it is ready to withstand sub zero temperatures and extensive idling.

  2. Make sure your heater, defrosters working properly. Not only will you be more comfortable but it is essential for visibility.

  3. Check your wipers – good visibility in snowy or dark conditions is especially important in winter driving so clearing slush and snow from your windshield is essential for safe driving.

  4. Check your battery and charging systems to ensure your car will start on cold mornings.

  5. Check the tire trad depth and tire pressure. With winter’s cold temperatures tire pressure should be checked weekly.

  6. Make sure your oil and filter has been changed. Follow the vehicle maintenance schedule and don’t neglect it in the winter when cold starts can damage your engine if your oil is not clean and free flowing

  7. Have your brakes checked. Brakes are your vehicles most important safety system

  8. Have your exhaust system checked for carbon monoxide leaks. This is especially important with winter driving where we tend to have our windows rolled up and are sometimes forces to idle in traffic for long periods of time.

  9. Keep you gas tank at least half full

  10. Stock an emergency kit

Precise Car Care is here to help you get your vehicle ready for winter. Set up an appointment and we will thoroughly check your vehicle to ensure it is ready to take on another winter in Southern Ontario and keep you safe.

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